Client Experience


Relaxed and Authentic

Family photographs are best when everyone feels at ease and time is allowed to breathe. I believe in letting children be themselves and taking time to get to know them through play and observation. A forced family portrait doesn't say anything about how you live day to day and my goal is to help you remember the little things, the true things.


Shooting Logistics

I prefer to shoot at your house if possible. With my work I want to capture your family spending time together instead of stressing about getting everyone to look at the camera perfectly. I'll come to your house and spend 1 - 2 hours capturing all the brief moments that we often miss or want to hold onto. We will work together to come up with a game plan for the shoot, so that everyone involved will feel at peace. This allows for a feeling of intimacy that will be seen in the final images.


My preferred method of photographing is on film, with a couple different cameras and film stocks. I still prefer the look of film, the type of images the old lenses produce and the creative limitations it places upon me. I shoot mostly black and white as it's the most timeless. Also, you don't need 300 images from a shoot. You do need a handful that say something intimate about your family and can be passed down to future generations.



Post Shoot Experience

After the shoot, I will print small copies of all the selects from your session and we will meet in person to select which ones you want printed, placed in an album and/or framed. I can also help you determine where in your house the photos will look best and at what size. During our meeting, you will be presented with a few different frame profiles and some album options.