How I Photograph A Wedding

Photo by Brandon Oursler

Photo by Brandon Oursler

I only take on select number of weddings a year. The reason for this is because I want to stay fresh and inspired when I step into your wedding day. It also helps me get to know each of my clients in a very personal way, which always results in better images.

My approach during a wedding day is to be as free as possible, to photograph all the unexpected moments, and to take very purposeful portraits throughout the day. I hire a talented 2nd photographer that gets all of the safe shots. It's their job to get everything that every other wedding photographer gets. The safe angles, the obvious detail shots, the safe family portraits and anything on a photo checklist. 

What this does is it allows me to roam throughout a wedding day taking risks and finding moments beyond what is expected. If 80% of my time were to be buried in some sort of shot list, then I couldn't keep my mind free to create the art that you are paying me to create. The best photos of a wedding day aren't pre-planned. They are only discovered during the flow of each individual wedding. I give a 2nd shooter these responsibilities so I can record the overlooked moments and take my time creating thoughtful portraits of important people in your family. Shooting this way allows me more of an insider's perspective as I take a more intimate angle that feels less obvious.

I do all of this because I want your wedding images to be different than everyone else's. I want them to be a personal response to the people and moments that fill your day. When you open your print boxes for the first time, I want you to be pleased with the unexpected.


I love photography because of its direct link to our memory. All of us are fascinated with photographs on some level because of their ability to help our minds relive a moment over again. Without them, our memories fade and we forget the important details that are only visible in a photograph.

My goal as a photographer is to capture moments, details and people in a way that brings your emotions and memories back to the surface. A still image is one of the few objects within the world that increases in value over time. Most of what we spend our money on decreases in value the longer we own it, but a photograph, of your loved ones, does the opposite.

Hiring a photographer is an investment in your future, in your kids and in your grandchildren. One day they will be able to look back at your images and know a bit of truth about who you were when you were younger. This knowledge is invaluable to your future generations, and the photographs will serve as a springboard for storytelling and reminiscing. Thank you for considering my work as you embark on this important moment in your life. I am honored!


Michael Howard