Prints and Frames

The Importance Of Prints

We live in a digital world, but I firmly believe prints are the best way to view your images. Technology and digital storage moves very fast and requires a lot of upkeep to maintain. Remember floppy disks? Also, how many times do you actually go back and view all the photos you've taken on your computer? Most people never do.

I want to help you remember the important people and events in your life through handmade albums and museum quality prints.

Museum Quality Products

My Fine Art Education gave me a deep appreciation for museum quality printing and framing. I personally print and frame every print for my clients using top-of-the-line materials. This commitment to archival standards means that your prints will last over 200+ years when on display.

Photographs shouldn't only be for the here and now, they are for future generations.


Fine Art Prints

All of your prints will be carefully printed on thick, luxurious cotton paper with archival quality inks. This combination is what museums and art buyers accept into their collections because of the longevity and color accuracy from these inks and papers. I also mat your prints with Museum Rag board to further protect your photographs for years to come.


Custom Framing

I offer a variety of premium wood frames from a variety of wood species to give you options that will stand the test of time. Every frame is custom built specifically for you to match your prints and home decor. As part of my service, I will consult with you on where you would like your frames to go and help you decide the best frame design for your walls.